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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quality Counts

Victorian travel involved meticulous preparation as journeys by ship and train could prove to be quite lengthy.
As the traveller in general required large quantities of personal property to be transported, well made luggage and trunks to survive the journey were required, and many British luggage makers were in existence at that time to oblige the need.
One such manufacturer was a Highly Reputable English Victorian and Edwardian Luggage maker known as W Insall and Sons.

W Insall and Sons was established in about 1829 and was a highly regarded West Country luggage maker situated at 19 and 20 St. Augustine’s Parade Bristol England.
The business was housed in a large double fronted premises with the name of the company and Luggage and Trunk Manufacturers in huge letters displayed on the upper stories of the building.
The most common material used by The Victorian and Edwardian luggage makers was leather, which was tanned to assist in preservation of the piece; however with the advent of air travel, the use of such substantial luggage declined, as with the quality of the leather and brass came weight, which was unsuitable for modern travel.

Today, Vintage luggage with a patina showing each small knock adds to it’s character and provenance and at my Etsy Shop you can find a very fine example of a W Insall and Sons Suitcase of excellent quality made of fine leather with a canvas lining which is in excellent condition with only the marks of time and careful use in evidence.


Measuring 24 x 15 x 8.5 imperial inches or 610mm x 381mm x 216mm, and weighing 13.98 imperial pounds or 6.34 Kg; this beautiful Piece of English Luggage would still serve as a fully Serviceable Travel Companion or as an Ideal Prop for Stage or Screen Today.

Quality certainly Counts, and they don’t make them like this anymore alas!
Ken McLeod © 2011

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