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Thursday, February 24, 2011

For Your Wedding Day

This beautiful Oakley Classic Fountain Pen Handcrafted by Ken McLeod at Abbey Pens has been created with The Wedding Breakfast in mind and suits to be partnered by a Wedding Guest Journal to record that Very Special Occasion.

This Wedding Oakley Classic Fountain Pen has been Hand Turned and Polished using an early form of man made material known as Casein which was pioneered in the late 1800’s as an imitation to horn and semi precious stone and was used to make many products such as buttons, jewellery and Conway Stewart perfected it in the manufacture of their pens; however this material which gives a attractive layered appearance in this example is rarely used today due to its lengthy manufacturing process.

This Wedding Oakley Classic Fountain Pen is complimented with a blend of insets and engraved accent bands in 22Kt Gold, with the use of Rhodium which is part of the Platinum family for bright work brilliance.

This Wedding Oakley Classic Fountain Pen is as distinctive as it’s owner and will undoubtedly become one of their favorite assets and features a Very High Quality German two tone nib with an iridium point affording dependable smooth writing and ink flow, which can delivered by either cartridge or an ink reservoir.

With effortless operation and dependability using the highest quality components, this Wedding Oakley Classic Fountain pen which can also be created in a Rollerball form is a true writers delight, and will become one of the Happy Couples most Treasured Wedding Day keepsakes. 

You can also find other styles of pen that can be used to make a Wedding Pen or a Pen for any Occasion by visiting Abbey Pens where a personal writing instrument can be handmade using any of the options available to your requirements.

Can I thank you for visiting us, and I hope you will return to see us again soon.

Kind regards,


Ken McLeod © 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Standing Out in a Crowd

Hi there to all Our Followers and New Readers.

Today I want to Highlight The Aspley R Rollerball Pen which I have just listed in my Etsy Online Shop.

The Aspley R Rollerball pen has been designed especially to stand out amongst others and to Grace any Gentleman's desk top.

The Pen displays an elegant design, but remains Robust with superb balance, coupled with all the tradition of a fine desk pen, and is complimented using 22k Gold cobalt accents on a Rhodium finish and features a top quality German made ceramic tipped Schmidt® Cartridge for smooth, effortless writing.

This example has a body and cap made of Black Quartz Corian® which is a man made material that has been developed by Dupont® which has resulted in a finely polished black pen which has fine particles that sparkle when subjected to light bringing the pen to life.

With the use Rhodium in this pen which is part of the Platinum group, it offers very durable hard plating and should be expected to retain its brilliance under normal careful use for many years.

This pen measuring approximately 140mm in length with a wide girth is a Substantial Gentleman’s Pen which will become an asset for it’s owner for generations to come.

Well that’s an insight to The Aspley R Rollerball Pen in Rhodium and Black Quartz Corian, so may I Thank You for taking the time to read this Blog, and if you want to take the opportunity of purchasing this wonderful pen, it can be found at my Etsy Online Shop.

Until the next time!
Ken McLeod © 2011