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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hanau German Silver Snuff Box Import Marks London 1907 from abbeyantiques on Ruby Lane

Hanau German Silver Snuff Box Import Marks London 1907 from abbeyantiques on Ruby Lane

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Platignum Visi Ink Fountain Pen with Two Tone Nib Circa 1965

Platignum began manufacture of pens in England in 1919 and were very revolutionary in pen development and design.

In 1919, the company made the first self-filling, gold nib fountain pen and six years later, Platignum brought out the world's first replaceable nib and during World War 2, Platignum were commissioned to make a Spy pen for officers, which encased maps, compasses and even poison darts!

Following the war, innovation boomed as Platignum invented the retractable ballpoint pen which is now a part of everybody's life.

In 1962, the company became synonymous with education in the UK as they crafted the 'Good Handwriting Pen’ and became standard issue in Britain's schools and Platignum’s push towards the education market in Britain saw it become one of the leading brands, and most of the 60’s generation will be familiar with the name.

Platignum also released the fountain pen ink cartridge and made fountain pens a part of everyone's everyday life too.

This model of the Visi Ink (Visible Ink) was made in England in around 1965. 

This vintage pen is in black plastic with gold plated clip and tassie (Cap Stud), and is in very good condition except for some slight wear of the plating on the clip itself.
This example of the Visi Ink has a lever less filling system and has been serviced and ultrasonically cleaned and writes beautifully via the medium nib. 

The pen is filled by turning the end of the barrel anti clockwise to expel the air and clockwise to draw ink into the barrel of the pen which is then visible through the clear window section.

The barrel imprint is defined and reads “Platignum Visi Ink” “Made in England”.

The pen measures 127mm capped and the cap is of a screw on type.

With the gold side by side against the black body of the pen, it gives a very exclusive and sturdy appearance, and the pen writes just as well as some more expensive brands.

For more information on this incredible pen, please follow the link below, which will direct you to our Abbey Pens Shop.