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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Omas Phoenix Gold, Silver & Bronze Fountain Pen Set

OMAS was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1925 by Armando Simoni. OMAS is one of the most famed and respected pen companies in the world.

Each of their pens is handcrafted to perfection in the same workshop in Italy from which the company was founded. 

The process of creating an OMAS pen involves a myriad of different stages, levels, and processes that must be done to exact specifications. There are over 100 stages involved in the refinement process alone. From the initial cutting of the 18-carat gold leaf to the rolling, trimming, and final shaping, every stage contributes to the extraordinary flexibility of OMAS nibs.

The OMAS Fountain Pen available through Abbey Pens embodies all the passion and expertise a skilled pen craftsman can put into their work.

Armando Simoni was often quoted to say, “A pen must make writing pleasurable.” If this is true, then there is no other company in the world that has worked harder to prove it than OMAS. In their entire manufacturing process, they only use the most capable and exceptional quality, craftsmanship and materials to make their pens. From the skilled hands of a craftsman to the eager hands of a writer, OMAS pens are the epitome of traditional finesse and sophistication. 

"A mythological bird which never dies, the Phoenix flies long distances ahead of us, observing with its sharp eyes the countryside around us and the area ahead. It represents our visual capacity to gather sensory information on the environment around us and on the events that unfurl within it.

The Phoenix, with its perfect beauty, produces an amazing exaltation combined with the dream of immortality.”

Only in the aura of mystery surrounding it is the Chinese Phoenix similar to the mythical Egyptian bird, which continually rises from its own ashes.
It represents power and prosperity which were the exclusive attributes of the emperor and empress, the only people allowed to wear the symbol of the Feng.

It is portrayed in many ways, often with the forehead of a crane, the beak of a wild bird, the neck of a snake, the shell of a tortoise, the stripes of a dragon and the tail of a fish, held to be the finest attributes of these animals, and is the personification of the primordial forces of the Heavens.
In its beak, it carries the sacred texts, on its body are written the Five Cardinal Virtues, its song contains the five notes of the Chinese musical scale and its tail has the five primary colours: blue (the East, spring and wood), red (the South, summer and fire), white (the West, autumn, metal), black (the North, winter and water), and yellow (the Centre, the emperor and earth).
The two yang colours, blue and red, are balanced with the yin colours, white and black.

The enamel Phoenix, elegant and proud, which dominates the reservoir of the Omas fountain pen "The Trip of the Phoenix" copies this faithfully.
The body of the pen too, which comes in four versions, offers four of these colours; however, the metal of the finish changes:
The yellow enamel is combined with platinum, the red with gold, the blue, silver, and the white, bronze.
On the top there is a beautiful jade of an intense green, which recalls the green of the plumage, and the highly original clip is inspired by the presence of movement and harmony.
The Phoenix flies from Greece to China, from the Parthenon skilfully reproduced on the cap, to the Summer Palace, symbolically miniaturized on the nib, bringing together for the Olympics two great civilisations whose influence has been fundamental to the development of humanity.
Though geographically distant, they have both given the world wisdom, philosophy, art and innovation.
This small masterpiece available with 20% discount via Abbey Pens comes in a precious wood case, and its production has been entrusted, as always, to craftsmen and artists with unquestioned experience over many long years.

The Omas Phoenix Gold, Silver & BronzeFountain Pen Set writing instruments will make a superb investment to any collection.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

From The David Oscarson Celestial Range

The David Oscarson Celestial Fire Red Golden Yellow Broad Limited Edition Fountain Pen.

The Celestial Collection continues in the spirit of artistic mastery and the tradition of Old World craftsmanship by combining the centuries-old technique of Guilloché with the art and expertise of Hard Enamel. Each Collection piece is engraved with multiple levels of Guilloché, then adorned with multiple colors of Hard Enamel. The five breathtaking color pairs featured on the caps stand in bold contrast to the translucent midnight blue hard enamel on the barrels.

The sun and sunburst designs featured on the Celestial cap require multiple levels of engraving; the rays of the sun remain in high relief while the sunburst pattern in the background features occasional omissions in engraving, reflecting heat and solar flares. Most remarkable perhaps is the three-dimensional face of the sun engraved on the tapered and rounded surface of the cap.

The level of difficulty involved in the moon and stars featured on the Celestial barrel equals that employed on the cap. The four phases of the moon (new, quarter, half and full) are outlined in high relief while the stars are represented in various widths and depths. Three different diameters of stars are featured in high relief and three in low relief (above and beneath the midnight blue enamel) as a reflection of the midnight sky. Fire Red Cap with Golden Yellow Sun and Midnight Blue Barrel with Translucent White Moons in 18-kt. Yellow Gold Vermeil.

Visit Abbey Pens to see the Available Range of exquisite Pens by 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Krone Tutankhamen

The Krone Tutankhamen Limited Edition Black Fountain Pen.

Discovering Tutankhamen's tomb west of Thebes on November 25, 1922 provided the world with the first glimpse of the most incredible burial treasure in existence. Egyptology had been established as a scientific vocation 100 years earlier by Frenchman Jean-Francois Champollion, but nothing as extraordinary as Tutankhamen's tomb and treasure had ever been found. And the west bank of the Nile had been a veritable treasure trove of Egyptian artefacts. Archaeologists had been able to piece together 4000 years of Egyptian life, including the study of temples and tombs, the remains of pharaohs and monuments discovered by Napoleon Bonaparte's expeditions in the early 1800s. All served to piece together centuries of human experience, ranging from ancient customs to the details of daily life to the recounting of military campaigns. But nothing approached the treasure that Lord Carnarvon and his party saw as they pulled back the first stones from Tutankhamen's tomb.

In spite of the wealth of his dynasty, Tutankhamen remained a shadowy figure. There were few objects that bore his name and in fact two important monuments bore the name of the dynastic god Armun, supplanting the significance of the boy pharaoh to some degree. Virtually all of the artefacts that bore Tutankhamen's face had been obliterated, showing the hate and ruthlessness of his enemies. And little was known of Tutankhamen when British archaeologist Howard Carter, supported by Lord Carnarvon, put together an expedition to find Tutankhamen's grave. Carter had been encouraged by his finding in the Valley of Kings and wanted to press on.

There were in fact many broken monuments of Tutankhamen, as Egyptian gods were transformed anthropomorphically to resemble the pharaoh or "dear son", but all of these had been later appropriated by King Haremheb, who had been one of the powers behind the throne when Tutankhamen ruled.

No royal sepulchres had ever been found intact in the burial grounds on the west bank of the Nile, but Carter and Carnarvon's perseverance led to Tutankhamen's tomb 3265 years after it had been sealed. It was earth shattering news that instantly became world headlines and made celebrities out of the discoverers. Soon the curse and myth of Tutankhamen would be famous the world over and the stories became more fantastic as the expedition got closer to the sarcophagus itself.

Pay homage to Tutankhamen with this superb, handcrafted writing instrument available through

The tapered cap is wrapped with genuine papyrus and then delicately painted with a regal scene of Tutankhamen seated upon his throne. At the top of the cap is a brass band inscribed with "Tutankhamen", which frames an Egyptian Circular Zodiac. A bronze clip geometrically emulates the surrounding motif.

The richly detailed barrel is painted with a meticulous Egyptian pattern, featuring royal, crimson, emerald and golden colours, in a Limited Edition of 388 Fountain Pens and 38 Rollerballs worldwide.

Abbey Pens offers this Pen at Tremendous Discount, so check it out today.

The KroneTutankhamen Limited Edition Black Fountain Pen.