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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Oakley Fountain Pen in African Blackwood

Abbey Pens Presents The Elegant Oakley Fountain Pen which is complimented with a blend of insets and engraved accent bands in 22Kt Gold cobalt combined with the brilliance of Rhodium plating. 

With effortless operation and dependability using the highest quality components, this pen is a writers delight and will serve as a treasured companion for it's owner.

The Oakley Pen being as distinctive as it’s owner, features a Very High Quality German two tone nib with an iridium point affording dependable smooth writing and ink flow, which is delivered by either cartridge or a Schmidt® ink reservoir.

The body of the pen is Hand Turned and Finished in African Blackwood, which is taken from near to the centre of the tree and gives a lighter area of material to contrast the piece. 

The pen comes together with a black leather single pen case for protection and storage.

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