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Monday, August 27, 2012

Mabie Todd Swan Leverless Fountain Pen with 14ct Gold Nib Circa 1940

Mabie Todd Swan Leverless Fountain Pen with 14ct Gold Nib Circa 1940

Mabie & Todd Co Ltd was formed in 1845, when Henry Todd and John Mabie combined their business and in 1878 the company began its production of fountain pens. 

The 'Swan' pen trademark was first adopted in 1884 in the United States; however in 1909 production of pens began in England and the trade mark Swan, `The Pen of the British Empire' came into use. 

Swan fountain pens are highly sought after by collectors around the world.

This example of the vintage Mabie Todd Swan leverless L312/60 fountain pen, was manufactured in England in about 1940 and is in black with gold plated cap bands and clip which are in very good order.

The barrel and cap are also in very good order with only a couple of very minor nibble marks to the end of the barrel and twist filler.

The barrel imprint is very defined and reads “Swan Leverless Pen Patent No 390585/32 Mabie Todd & Co Ltd Made in England” and clearly shows the trade mark Swan emblem.

The end of the cap (Tassie) also defines the Swan emblem.

The cap is screw on and when capped the pen measures 133mm.

The pen has been serviced, ultrasonically cleaned and a new sac fitted and writes beautifully via the Swan 14ct size 3 nib.

The ink sac is filled by turning the filler knob at the end of the barrel whilst the nib is immersed into ink, a maximum half turn anticlockwise to expel the air and then closed the half turn clockwise to draw the ink.

This stylish Swan is a fine example of Mabie Todd and their pursuit of excellence. 

This Swan is a classic example of elegance and has been produced to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

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